Hello, I'm Raymond Zimmerman and as a parent and proud grandfather I know exactly what you are going through!  Shopping for small children is not easy.   Not only am I well aware of your special shopping needs, but I'm in a position to help you!  You see, as Chairman of the Board of the nation's largest catalog retailer, I'm able to obtain for you the widest possible selection of children's merchandise and let you have it for low, affordable prices that will make you smile!

Shopping for small children will never be the same again... I'm proud to bring you our first “Everything Baby” mail order catalog!  Inside you really will find everything, whether your child is newborn or up to preschool.  Over 500 products just for kids 5 and under.  Not only will you find all those practical “must have” basics, but we've made every effort to locate for you distinctive merchandise you just don't find every day and a lot of those nifty little items you've probably never seen before.

This catalog is geared to your busy lifestyle!  Expectant parents and families with small children will love the convenience as they save time and money.  Just imagine being able to shop for such great products at a time when it's convenient for you and in the comfort of your own home!  It's just that simpleit's “Everything Baby!”

Have fun shopping!

Raymond Zimmerman
Chairman of the Board
#7948 EMC Suede Jacket & Long Skirt

You’ll love this stunning “Denim Blue” Suede Outfit!

A Lew Magram Exclusive. Just picture yourself in this stylishly short jacket with topstitch seam detail, two breast pockets, button front closure and cuffs with button closures. Plus it’s fully lined. Hem curves in front and back to enhance the smart style. Long (36”) fully lined skirt completes this outfit. Topstitch seam detail, fly front closure with zipper and button, waistband and two front pockets add just the right touch. You’ll wonder how something that looks so great on you can be so downright comfortable! Comes in DENIM BLUE as shown. Sizes: S(4-6), M(8-10), L(4-6), XL(16-18. Imported. #22-7948 Comparable value $375. SPECIAL $259.95
This an interesting "Letter From the President" catalog letter I created. A number of years ago when Service Merchandise ruled the retail field, I did a lot writing for some of the Service Merchandise catalogs. Especially their office supply catalog. One day, as the Chairman, Mr. Zimmerman was involved in the creation of his pet project, a new catalog for babies, he was dissatisfied with the Letter From the President that was created his staff writers. So he went to the marketing manager to get the phone number for that freelance writer who had created a lot copy he had admired. When I got his call, and I got a feel for what he was trying to say in his catalog, I completed it quickly and got a nice call back from him saying how much he had appreciated it

Dear Friend:


Please help us get this into the hands of someone who can really use it... I'm sure you realize that Dinn Bros. is your best choice.  As "The Recognition People," we offer the finest business awards.  We have the largest selection of plaques and desk sets and the fastest service available anywhere!

But everyone may not realize it yet — so we need your help.  Take a moment to consider your associates who may need to take advantage of what we have to offer.  Simply write their names below.  I'm sure they will be grateful to you and so will we! It won't cost you a cent — Just use the postage-paid envelope in the center of the catalog or call us toll-free at 1-800-628-9657 or fax toll-free at 1-800-876-7497.

We would appreciate it if you would take a moment to fill in the names of the individuals in your company who are in charge of planning and ordering incentive promotions for each of the appropriate categories below:

 Achievement: ________________    Human Relations:  __________________
 Marketing:  __________________    Retirement:  _______________________
 Service: _____________________   Safety:   __________________________   
 Sales:   _____________________   Other:   ___________________________

How about You?

 YES!  I want to keep getting your catalogs, keep them coming.
 NO!  I really don't need your catalogs, please drop my name from your mailings.


Just take a look in the center-fold of this catalog... these EXTRA VALUE COUPONS make ordering from Dinn Bros. even more of a positive experience for you!  This is just one more way of giving you more value for your money and to thank you for being a Dinn Bros. customer. 

Bill Dinn, President

P.S. Remember, these valuable coupons will go to waste if you don't use them... take advantage of them now!  
#7960 Marvin Richards Suede Long Shearing Coat

Our exclusive Long Suede Shearing Coat from Marvin Richards
will keep you warm and looking outlandishly elegant!

You’ll welcome the cool weather so you can slip on this coat and step out with flair. Complete with button front closure, notch collar, 2 side pockets, topstitched seams with leather trim and topstitching down the front center, around collar and stitching detail on those stylish cuffs. Plus it’s fully lined with super comfortable faux fur. At this price you can’t afford not to buy at least one. Choose RED (shown) or BLACK. Sizes: S(4-6), M(8-10), L(4-6), XL(16-18. Imported. #22-7960 Comparable value $325. SPECIAL $229.95
Above is some catalog copywriting for the Diplomat Catalog. For catalog copy to be successful you have to engage the readers imagination, get them to picture what the product will do for them. These selling messages sometimes get left out because of space constraints in catalogs, so you have to be persuasive with just a few words.
This letter was placed in a poly bag with the Dinn Bros. Awards catalog Designed to get the catalog forwarded to the right person. One of many catalogs, brochures and letters I created for Dinn Bros. with lots of powerful catalog copywriting.

Dear Friend,

As a Christian Woman reader, I’m sure you will find the following information to be important to you...

Since the main focus of each issue of Christian Woman is on how we can improve our spiritual health, I have a gift for you that will accent these efforts.  Right here on my desk I have the marvelous cassette tape “In Times Like These” by Sandra Humphrey...let me tell you a little more about it.  This tape is uplifting and revealing as it points out the seven things Christianity gives the Christian that the non-Christian does not have. 

I’m sure you realize, as I have, the importance of having your own copy of this tape — that’s why I don’t want to put a price on this.  That’s right, I want to send you this tape free.  All I ask is that you renew your Christian Woman subscription, now, a couple of months before your subscription is up.

By renewing now, you will be doing yourself a favor.  Not only will you get this tape free — my gift to you, but you will be assured of not missing a single issue of Christian Woman.  Could you really get along without being kept up-to-date on books, events, church life and family resources?  And how about those holiday ideas, recipes and more?  As you learn to grow as a Christian, you will share in the struggles of other women who have been where you are.  Plus you will get all those great articles on parenting, overcoming depression, living with your faith and much more.

Thanks for your quick response,

Neil W. Anderson

P.S.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor now by getting this free gift tape and continuing your spiritual nourishment with each issue of Christian Woman.  Don’t forget...you can save nearly $5 by renewing for two years! 


Dear Fellow Electronics Enthusiast,

This is your catalog!

As an electronics hobbyist and enthusiast I felt you deserved your own catalog.  So here it is... our newest JDR catalog, the Components Edition!  A quick glance inside will reveal to you a complete selection of IO's, components, prototyping products and Developer's Tools.  I'm sure you will find everything you need for your latest project or prototype.

Who is better equipped to serve your component needs than JDR?  From our start in 1979 we've been here in the heart of Silicon Valley serving the needs of R&D engineers as well as the hobbyist.  In those early days, JDR was the only one to fill most of your needs.  When you were building those complex electronic projects at home, only JDR would supply you with a single IO or that prototyping card for a PC.

We were there for you with the latest technology at the lowest prices.  Although times have changed and we have grown, we haven't forgotten you  the project builder!  Just for you (and thousands of others like you) we're introducing this, our largest electronic components catalog ever!


Jeffrey D. Rose,

P.S.  Whether you prefer electronic components or computer components, now you get to choose.  Plus you get that same JDR customer service that you've been able to count for over thirteen years.  Remember, I personally stand behind all my products and service... COUNT ON IT!

Unique, functional way to display wines…
The Bottle Butler that defies gravity!
What a great gift for the wine connoisseur! Called the “amazing gift” because it’s the most amazing beverage holder you’ve ever seen. Watch it defy gravity as it balances a full bottle of wine on a table or even or even gracefully on the top of a wine glass. You won’t believe it until you see it for yourself!
Amaze your friends as you display your wine with this unique functional piece of art. Choose from crystal clear acrylic, or black onyx acrylic.
#LBB625 – Bottle Butler – Only 29.95 Save! 2 for only $49.95 (Please specify color)

Experience true state-of-the-art shaving! Quiet, smooth and powerful!
A real breakthrough in shavers is rare indeed, that’s why I’m so excited about this new Hitachi Computer Controlled Shaver! Please read on and I’m sure you’ll share my excitement.
First, the ultra-thin 40u outer blade is coated with black rhodium for a truly close, comfortable shave.
Next, your shave is going to be amazingly quiet. These shavers operate at an ear pleasing 45 phons (DB). Your shave will be a truly enjoyable experience.
Finally, the secret to a close shave has been discovered! To get a close shave you need a motor speed of 7,600 rpm. Other shavers are only about 7,000 rpm. Hitachi’s Power Control Circuit employs an optical…

Breakthrough in optical technology!
New miracle driving glasses let’s you see at night – clear as day!
Does driving at night drive you crazy? Amazing night glasses help brighten poor night vision, cuts out headlight glare and helps you see farther. See signs clearer and sharper. Handsome aviator-style nylon frames are extremely lightweight for maximum comfort. Unbreakable acrylic lenses filter out all hazardous ultraviolet rays and blue light.
Darkens in sunlight and lightens at night. See razor-sharp details in any weather – rain, snow, fog, mist or haze. Fabricated of non-vitreous lens material to prevent any mars or scratches. Ideal for men or women. One size fits all. For safer driving, order the miracle driving glasses today.
#LCO187 – Night Glasses - $18.95
#LCO188 – Clip on - $16.95


All 231 JDR employees are here to make you look good!

Dear Friend,

Your friends, family, co-workers, business associates and even your neighbors are going to wonder how you did it. They’ll want to know how you managed to get such great computer products and even all that techie stuff on your terms. All those quality brands that you really want and at affordable prices. And  If you don’t want them to know your secret, just tell them you have a friend in the business.

Tired of doing business with companies that expect you to deal with them on their terms? At JDR we’ve spent the last 20 years successfully providing electronic components to hobbyists, businesses and the technical and engineering communities. Our secret of success is being flexible. Flexible to meet your terms…we put you first! If that is how you want to do business, being treated not just as a customer but also as a friend, you’ve come to the right place!


Jeffrey D. Rose

P.S. Remember, at JDR there you’ll discover a different way of doing business. You’ve seen ads for low prices on computer products and have wondered just how good the quality is, will it hold up, will it meet your needs. When you see a low JDR price you no longer need to be concerned. You are buying from your friends at JDR. We are more concerned with keeping you as a customer for years than making quick profits off one item.
Just a couple of examples of the tons of letters, catalog copy and more created for JDR Microdevices. Notice that these type of letters don't have to be boring. Make your letters exciting so they will be read and acted upon.

Dear Friend and Very Special Customer,

Please take a look through this brand new Professional Discount Folder. We’ve included many new state-of-the-art supplements along with all our standard products so many professionals have counted on for years.

Since you are qualified to purchase at these special low prices, it will be easy to offer your clients these high quality supplements.

Not only will you profit, but your clients and patients will profit by being encouraged to use these quality products which may enhance treatments you provide. Show them that you care.

Your clients count on you...provide them with the very best...place your order with Dee Cee Laboratories, Inc. today!

Awaiting your call,

Shirley James, and all the Customer Service Staff

P.S. As you look over all the new products in this folder, keep in mind that they are available to you at half our already low retail price! But please hurry, these prices expire after November 30th!

P.P.S. You can call us toll-free at 1-800-251-8182 from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada - Please call today!

September 24

Customer ID# 117271.00

William Nelson
P.O. Box 344 605 Hill St.
Livermore, KY 42352

Dear Mr. Nelson:

This letter is worth up to $50 to you!  Please read on to find out how you can take advantage of it...

First I want to thank you for requesting this catalog.  I'm sure you'll find this IWA Gift Catalog to contain the most exciting collection of wine storage systems and wine accessories that you've ever seen.

And then I want you to realize what a great value all our selections are.  And to make them an even greater value, I have something special for you... A SPECIAL DISCOUNT!  Not only is this another way for me to give you more value for your money, but it's my way of encouraging you to take that step and place your first order with us.  I know that once you experience the quality, service and great value for your money, you will be sold on IWA!

This letter entitles you to a 10% DISCOUNT on your purchase of up to $500!

Here's how it works:

Place a $100 order, you get $10 off!
Place a $200 order, you get $20 off!

For maximum savings, place a $500 order and save $50.  Just mention your customer ID # at the top of this letter on your phone-in order or write it on your order form.


Robert S. Orenstein, President

P.S. Remember, great things can't last forever, and THIS OFFER WILL END IN 14 DAYS.  Don't delay, I don't want you to miss out on this special discount!
Personalized letter mailed with catalog for catalog requesters, International Wine Accessories.

Dear Mr. Fohl,

Congratulations! You are about to take your first step towards making a positive change in your future. While a Crown Trophy Franchise Store may not be for everyone, for those folks who choose to go on from here and join our family of store owners, it could mean a whole new future for you and your family.

Just take a moment and picture yourself in a store of your own. There you are with some of the finest, top quality, cutting-edge trophies available anywhere. You are in charge! This is your store, and these are your products, you take pride in them. You now have the equipment and skills to customize each item with state-of-the-art engraving. Not only are you proud of your work, but your customers will also be proud to present or receive these awards. No one can beat the quality and uniqueness of your finished products or the reasonable prices you will be able to charge for them. You will be working with people involved in sports, clubs, organizations, schools and businesses of all types. If you can imagine yourself in this position, maybe it's time to find out more about Crown Trophy and how we can help you make your dream come true!

On the back of the folder is a little bit of information on some of  our store owners, folks who took that step and made their dreams come true. Folks like Ron Sell, owner of the Crown Trophy store in Hanover, PA. He turned his dream into a reality. If you feel that this may be right for you, stop dreaming and take the steps needed to make the dream come true.

Inside your packet you will find a list of all of our franchise owners. Give any or all of them a call. Find out their experiences. Find out if this is for you. See if you could picture yourself in their position!

We are now actively expanding our franchise operations throughout the United States and we would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about who we are and what we can do for you and hopefully include you as a part of our growing family.

My card is attached, I look forward to receiving your call so I can answer any questions you may still have.


Chuck Weisenfeld

P.S. If, after reviewing this packet of descriptive information, you decide that this is for you, and after we've received your preliminary information forms, we would be happy to invite you to meet with us at our corporate headquarters here in Yonkers, New York.   

WARNING...Not everything is what it appears to be! 

Please let me explain.  When I started this business I put my heart into it.  I felt there was room for a company that treated it's customers exactly the way I would expect to be treated...top quality products at reasonable prices and being able to order from friendly, helpful people who really care about you and are dedicated to treating you right.  And I've proven that it works.  Our business just keeps growing year after year.

Our competitors just don't get it. They think they can fool you by copying our catalog and imitating our products then continue to overcharge and give you inferior service but, as many of you have discovered, it's not the same!  Sure, they try to look and sound like us, but they haven't realized that it's our quality, prices and service that makes IWA so popular.  Don't let them fool you, my friend, make sure the catalog you order from has IWA on the cover...your assurance that it's the real thing!

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it!

Robert S. Orenstein, President

P.S.  While others may promise you everything, can they deliver?  Find out why my policy of “Treating others as you want to be treated” has made IWA what it is today, give us the pleasure of supplying your next cellar or wine accessory!

You’re going to be glad you opened up this catalog…

…I have something special for you!

Dear Friend and Photo Enthusiast,

Since photography is important to you, I’ve rushed off this copy of our hot-off-the-presses Select Catalog. I’m anxious to introduce you to catalog shopping the Porter’s way…top quality photo products, low prices and fast, reliable service!

As president of Porters Camera, I realize just how important each customer is to our success, and I’m anxious to turn you into a customer. I know that once you discover how rewarding mail order shopping from Porter’s will be, you will keep coming back!

As you look through this catalog you will find many new and exciting photo products. But this is only a small sampling of the photo/video/digital products that await you in our giant 128 page newspaper style catalog!

We’re going to send you a copy of this special catalog, FREE along with a FREE GIFT as soon as we receive your order! So don’t delay, I want you to discover just how rewarding it will be when you join our thousands of satisfied customers.


David Montz, President

P.S. Our low prices may cause someone who hasn’t purchased from us before to wonder about the quality of our products, but you will soon discover that Porter’s isn’t just low prices, our name also stands for top quality photo products!
Just some of the hundreds of results-getting catalog copy I created for the LifeStyle Forces catalogs.

Dear Customer and Friend:

              This is not just a catalog... you have just entered the JDR Microdevices Superstore!    Now you can have the best of both worlds.  Get the prices, selection and convenience of a superstore combined with the helpful service, technical support, 30 day refund policy and 1 year warranty from JDR when you shop from this, the JDR Superstore Catalog!

              There is no superstore like this one!  You get the unbeatable technical  guidance,  knowledgeable salespeople and the security of getting the quality computer and components you  need with the convenience of 24 hour, armchair shopping.  Save gas, time and headaches.

              Just take a look at those aisles full of shiny, powerful, state of the art computers.    They seem to stretch as far as the eye can see.  Notice all that software displayed over on   that side of the store?  And all those great Windows programs too?  I'm sure all those   components will delight you.  Isn't it nice to be able to shop somewhere where you can get   exactly what you want and at prices that make shopping fun again?

              Don't forget, we're here to serve you!  As you turn each page it will be like entering   a new aisle.  Everything you see on those well stocked shelves can be yours for just a phone   call.  Then with our super-fast shipping, it will arrive so fast you will be amazed and delighted.

Jeffrey D. Rose, President

P.S. Not only are we the folks you've been able to trust all these years, we are also the ones   that will save you a lot money!  We work hard to make sure you get the best deal.  After all,  isn't that what friends are for?


Dear Friend,

With JDR the whole computer world is at your grasp! While this catalog contains a lot of great computer products, there’s more. Let’s say you found what you were looking for in our catalog, but would prefer a particular brand, larger capacity or just something a little different than what we featured…no problem. Just call our Special Order Desk. It’s our goal to be as competitive as possible. We don’t want you to go anywhere else. Besides, with our great customer service, fast delivery, amazing warranties and low prices why would you even consider buying elsewhere?

Can’t find that special item you had your heart set on? Don’t put this catalog down and look elsewhere, we can probably get it for you. Everything you’ve always wanted (well, almost everything) is a phone call away. Don’t call us expecting to get an IMac or something like that. We can get you all those PC related products and electrical components that JDR is famous for such as…printers, network products, monitors, techie stuff and etc. All the stuff you really want.


Jeffrey D. Rose

P.S. Special ordering assures you of getting exactly what you want and experiencing JDR’s courteous, knowledgeable and efficient service. Having trouble finding something? Our Special Order Desk is the answer!



FROM:          Oakes Daylilies
     8204 Monday Road
     Corryton, TN 37721
CONTACT:     Ken Oakes (for more information, photos)

TO: Tom Cooper, Editor
     98 North Washington St.
     Boston, MA 02114



Corryton, TN Dec. 20, 1992 - Ken Oakes of Oakes Daylilies announced that 12 of the 25 1992 All-American winners announced by the All-American Daylily Selection Council are grown at Oakes Daylilies and carried in their retail catalog.

To qualify for selection as All-American Regional Favorites, the varieties had to show superior performance across at least three neighboring USDA hardiness zones.  The Council draws data from 16 U.S. test sites and looks at 26 performance categories.  While most daylilies have beautiful blooms, the Council looks beyond bloom beauty to find varieties that are all-around excellent performers.

The Council looks at such characteristics as how long does the variety bloom, how attractive and well-shaped is the foliage, how hardy is it in both cold and hot weather, and how well does it increase.  They even ask: Does the cultivar drop its spent blooms or will it need to be deadheaded?  Do the flowers fade in the sun?  If it is registered as a double, will it indeed bloom consistently as a double?  Does it open well on cool mornings?

Oakes Daylilies, page 2

Varieties that fail on any of a number of "drop-dead" characteristics are dropped from consideration, leaving only varieties that have very well-rounded qualifications.

Here's the 12 winners offered in the 1993 Oakes Daylilies catalog:
Barbary Corsair - purple blooms 3" across, 36" tall.
Chicago Ruby - red blooms 6" across, 27" tall.
Jen Melon - golden melon blooms 6" across, 26" tall.
Lullaby Baby - light pink blooms 3½" across, 26" tall.
May May - near white blooms 3½" across, 30" tall.
Persian Market - rose pink blooms 7" across, 27" tall.
Red Volunteer - red blooms 7" across, 30" tall.
Siloam Baby Doll - apricot blooms, rose-colored eyezone, 3" across, 18" tall.
Siloam Ethel Smith - creamy pink blooms, rose eyezone, 3¼" across, 20" tall.
Stella de Oro - gold blossoms 3" across, 15" tall.
White Temptation - near white flowers 5" across, 32" tall.
Yellow Bouquet - yellow double-shaped blooms 3" across, 18" tall.

These All-American winners as well as many more top performing daylilies can be found in the 1993 Oakes Daylilies catalog.  Ken Oakes has offered to send copies of his catalog free to Horticulture readers who write to 8204 Monday Rd., Corryton, TN 37721 or call 615-687-3770 and request one!




Here’s news that can change your life… Every man deserves to experience the fulfillment and pleasure of youthfulness. Now it is possible, it is within your grasp!

Did you realize that some degree of impotence strikes 52% of men 40 to 70 years old? No wonder Viagra has become the most highly publicized drug in recent history. But are you willing to suffer the side effects and chance any potential risks?

My friend, you too have probably come to realize that true health and the ability to live life to its full potential can only come from keeping your body in its proper balance, just as nature intended. While many pharmaceutical drugs seem to ignore these imbalances and often make them worse, covering up the symptoms.

The four major causes of impotence…

First, you have to have a certain amount of testosterone in your system. Without a sufficient level of this primary male hormone, you are left without a desire for sex as well as the ability to get an erection.

Second, if you have circulatory problems, not enough blood can be pumped into the penis for an erection.

Third, high cholesterol is associated with impotence. Each 10-point rise in cholesterol above normal translates into a 32% increase in the risk of impotence.

Fourth, you have nerves in your brain called alpha-2-adrenergic receptors. When activated, these receptors will prevent the blood valves to the penis from opening. Unfortunately, as we age, deterioration of the brain can cause these receptors to stay open in some people.

Now you are probably realizing that just taking a pharmaceutical drug such as Viagra, may not help these underlying problems that should be addressed not only for an improved sex life, but also for greater health and longevity. This is why we have introduced Viagex!

Viagex, the exciting, new way to increase sexual desire naturally!

My new Viagex just may be the answer for you! This all-natural product was created to address the major causes of impotence! Let me share with you some of the exciting findings of the main ingredients in Viagex: 


Recently, researchers have discovered that an amino acid called L-Arginine has unexpected functions in human health. Not only are studies starting to show that this amazing and essential amino acid is a cholesterol fighter and regulates protein throughout the body (especially important in muscle metabolism), but even more interesting is its powerful role in your sex life!

“L-Arginine is one of the best all-around prosexuals available…L-Arginine users report bigger, harder, more frequent erections.”      – Men’s Journal (September 1995) 

L-Arginine is the key to producing nitric oxide (NO) in your body. A shortage of NO may result in high blood pressure. NO not only improves circulation, but also is necessary for penile erection.

Sexual difficulties can overshadow a man’s whole existence, and the resulting stress may even impact negatively on his immune system! Everything possible should be done to correct this condition as soon as possible. I’m sure you will find L-Arginine to be of enormous help in your life!


This powerful and legendary natural substance is derived from the bark of a tree in Cameroon, Africa. Well-known to ancient doctors, today’s doctors are so excited about Yohimbe that a prescription drug called Yohimbine is now being produced. But you can get the real thing in Viagex! Discover why this natural substance was the basis for special rituals and orgies lasting weeks and a major part of legends in Africa dating back many centuries!

Tribulus Terrestris:

Since 1981 this herb has been in wide use by mainstream medical practice in Eastern Europe to treat various sexual functions. (For years it has been the secret weapon of powerful Eastern European athletes!) Now available in the West, you can experience its legendary effects on flagging libidos and sexual inadequacies!

Muira Puama:

The American Journal of Urology published a study involving 262 males who complained of lack of sexual desire or inability to get or maintain an erection. Half were given a placebo and the other half were given Muira Puama. After only two weeks 62% those given Muira Puama reported that it had a dynamic effect on their sexual desire and performance with no side effects!


A clinical study published in the medical journal, Andrologia, showed that infertile men given zinc supplements for four to eight weeks produced 35% more sperm than before! Zinc also stops the pituitary gland from producing prolactin. Prolactin stops testosterone production. For years folks have claimed that oysters can boost your sex life, oysters are loaded with zinc!

Avena Sativa:

You’ll be feeling your oats! Sexual metaphors have long held the belief in oats as a sexual stimulant. It is now being discovered that oats are the richest source of high-energy substances. Derived from these substances, Avena Sativa is just one more ingredient designed to make Viagex an important weapon in your effort to regain and preserve your sexual power!

Don’t let your age be a deterrent to the satisfaction of youth. Viagex is a powerful combination of 19 herbs, vitamins and minerals designed to enhance your sexual life. Go for it; see the difference Viagex can make in your life. You’ll be asking yourself why you waited so long! 

Powerful catalog copywriting is what it takes to get catalog marketing results. Here's a few examples of some of my work. Notice some of the techniques discussed on this website? Get   some catalog copywriting ideas for your catalog copy and sales letters!

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